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So Easy to Play Christmas Book

Rob's EASY Christmas Carols

I'm so excited about this book !

- It's made playing Carols a joy, as they should be. Christmas is a time to have fun and play spontaneous music with family and friends, not struggle with unfamiliar keys and chords.

For years I scribbled over student's Carol music, trying to adapt the music so that it could be played more easily, especially by beginners. Music that's easy to read and play means fewer mistakes and more confidence.

Easy to play music helps all musicians cope with the extra challenges - like poor lighting and out of tune singers, Christmas Cheer and all the excitement !

I began to print simple arrangements for my students, which were very successful. Over a number of years I fine tuned this collection and eventually produced this fantastic book.

I'm very proud of this book, each piece is as easy to play as possible while still retaining its sense and charm.


10 minutes of email advice with every book purchased - allow me to guide you through the book, ask me questions, etc. Direct contact with the author can be of immense value.

Each Carol consists of a melody line with Chord symbols above and the first verse below, the complete verses are included on separate pages at the end of the book.

  • Easy chords - all pieces in the familiar Key of C

  • Play 17 Carols with only three chords - C, F, and G.

  • Optional extra chords available as you improve

  • Notes printed close to middle C for easy reading

  • Carols placed to encourage medleys or 'mini concerts'

  • Large clear print

  • Heavyweight Paper

  • 'Rob's Easy Christmas Carols' is protected by plastic covers and comb bound so that the pages lay flat on the music stand.

Please send me an email via my contact page if you would like any further information

A Book to Treasure for Many Future Christmas's.

The print is very high quality; the example below is a low quality image for demonstration purposes,

Clean Black Print on Firm ultra White paper

A Large Collection - 27 Well Known Favourites

My students have so much fun playing these simple arrangements. To see the excitement on their faces when they arrive, having learned 3 to 6 pieces in ONE WEEK, is fantastic. They can't wait to play for me !

More advanced players still enjoy playing from this book because it's so easy to read. It's my preferred Carol book, I add a few extra chords, perhaps use a jazz rhythm and the 'Transpose' keyboard function lets me play in any key at the touch of a button - An extra reason to look forward to Christmas

FOR SALE:The Copyright and arranged music for this Book

2006 by Rob Healey, ABN 59 588 931 915