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Favourite Classics for keyboard

Favourite Classics for Keyboard

This Book isn't finished yet!!!

Every piece in my books is given a rigorous testing by my students, over several years. This is the perfect way to ensure that the arrangements are correct and to determine the level of competency required.

This Book will be the same format as "Rob's Easy Christmas Carols" and "First Steps", except that it will be a combination of 'Keyboard Style' Music - a single melody line with Chords symbols above - and it will also feature some 'Piano Style' music with Treble and Bass clefs - plus suggested keyboard voices to use.


The masterpiece is my 6 page arrangement of the famous Bach's Toccatta and Fugue in Dm.  Bach's famous piece is considered by many to be the most well known in the world.

I've collected all my favourite parts in this arrangement which is heavily influenced by the recorded version by a group called 'Sky' in the 1980's using drums and guitars.

Other pieces are by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc

  • Heavyweight Paper

  • 'Easy Classics' will be protected by plastic covers and comb bound so that the pages lay flat on the music stand.


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