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Nursery Music - for 4 to 7 year olds

An Early Learning System . . .  

My aim with this system is to introduce young children, in an enjoyable way, to some basics about playing and learning music.

This is not a Music Book, but a system where they are given one piece of music to learn, then when they can play it to an acceptable level, they are REWARDED with another song. Kids love this!!!

As soon a a child knows A, B, C, D, E, F, G they can start learning in simple steps, at home and at their own pace.

This course recognises that a child's attention may only last a few minutes, that they love collecting, rewards and achievable challenges.

The concept of practice sneaks up on them as they begin to establish lifetime techniques.

The course is still under development and will eventually include a CD or Midi files of the songs as well as personal email based support.


Well known songs . . .

The music consists of well known nursery rhymes and is notation based but with note names printed AFTER each note. The idea being that the child gets used to seeing the lines and notes, but can read the letters to find the notes.

Every 'lesson'- whether it be 5 minutes or 50, begins by playing every song they have already learned - they look forward to this, it gives them great satisfaction while maintaining their skills.

By the time the system is finished, the young student should be capable of playing up to 20 simple pieces - they're having fun, have huge confidence in themselves, and THEY WANT MORE !!!

The normal progression from this system is then to start learning to read notation, rather than letters beside the notes. This transition is helped so much by the child's enthusiasm and the finger dexterity they have learnt using the 'Nursery Steps' system.

I began this idea in 1999, developing pieces for two young but very smart children who were younger siblings of students I was teaching.

I only occasionally accept under age children. Several times now, my nursery steps system has been proven by young students who have then advanced to reading notation and playing left hand chords. The development of this system is then held up until I get some new, under 7 year old, students


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