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My Philosophy . . .

I feel that the music teacher/student relationship is very special and unique. Not many people experience a time of uninterrupted one-on-one complete focus with a teacher as they experience in a music lesson. These 30-minute lesson times over the years can have a profound effect on the students’ life.

I feel a great responsibility to be a person of integrity that they can trust and I have developed close friendships with many students. For this reason I try to be sensitive, supportive, observant and caring. As I correct student’s mistakes, I am careful to build their self-esteem and confidence, pointing out strengths as I correct weaknesses.

 Being professionally competent is very important. Improving my knowledge and abilities is important to me, but I feel that successful teaching begins with caring and includes enthusiasm, imagination, patience, integrity and a sense of humour !

Tuition . . .

I specialise in teaching Keyboard Style, a blend of Piano and Organ styles. At the beginning, students find it much easier than the Piano and later readily convert to Piano style, once they have mastered the basics of notation, timing and fingering.

The keyboard accompaniment section can make our favourite songs more recognizable and pleasurable. We look upon this feature as being the other members of our band - the drummer, bass and rhythm players. They create a full, realistic backing to our songs. The various styles demonstrate the different ‘feels’ of rhythm. At the beginners level the early, good results, are very encouraging.

Learning the keyboard is considered easier than the traditional piano approach because the novice piano student usually has to master sight-reading the left and right hand, plus develop  two-handed co-ordination before any tune becomes enjoyable to listen to.

When home Keyboards first became popular I identified the factors missing from a keyboard student's education and developed a satisfactory teaching method incorporating elements of both Piano and Organ.

It's disappointing to sometimes discover beginners trying to learn the keyboard 'Piano Style', which maximises the disadvantages of the keyboard and ignores all the benefits available.

I usually encounter these students because they have given up or almost lost interest. I enjoy helping them discover what they've been missing and seeing the transformation that takes place once they learn a few simple steps.

As students progress, they learn how to use all the functions of the keyboard including voicing, styles, drum fills, harmony. etc. As their skills increase, they learn how to play rhythmic left hand, do ear and memory training, and add extra notes to the right hand.

When the student has mastered Notation, Fingering and Timing, they learn to read the Bass Clef and we study some famous Piano Classics as well as popular music of the students choice.

Terms and Fees . . .

Fees for regular weekly lessons are payable per term, in advance. They are a term commitment that reserves a 30 minute space, at the same time each week, for individual tuition.

Terms - There are four terms per year, operating during state school terms, ignoring ‘pupil free’ days.

Studio lessons are $260 per ten-week term. This is adjusted proportionally as the number of weeks per term can vary during the year.

Occasional lessons are $30 per half-hour, discount available for 2 or more.

Cancellations - My schedule is a complex pattern that fits in with each pupil’s other activities. There are no refunds for cancelled lessons because fees are a term commitment that reserves a weekly space and time.

The continuity of weekly lessons is very important and whenever possible I will offer a make up lesson, providing I’m given at least a weeks notice of the cancellation and can use the lost time for someone else. The longer the notification, the easier it is to organise a make up lesson.

 Rob Healey Bayview Heights Cairns Qld 4868.

 Phone 07 4054 4222

My Services . . .

  • Keyboard Tuition - Home visits are available to some Cairns Suburbs

  • Distance Education - Email help for remote areas and self-teaching

  • Computers and Music - Courses for Midi sequencing

  • Keyboard set up and best use - One or two lessons as necessary

  • Improvising, Arranging, Composing

  • Occasional & Refresher Lessons - Special help as required

  • Recording - Cassette, MP3, Midi, CD

  • TV & Radio Jingles

  • Original compositions for special occasions.

  • Web Page Design

Please send me an email via my contact page if you would like any further information

You . . .

Whatever your age or natural ability, you can learn to play music and achieve that special feeling of accomplishment. The more you practice - the faster you progress.

Simple Steps . . .

'It's fun when it's easy-' Lessons are tailored to suit the unique talents of each pupil, to inspire them to become musicians. Everyone moves at their own pace, learning the correct techniques and developing their musical talent. We master one step at a time, building proficiency and confidence, because - 'It's easy when you know how.'

Learn at Home . . .

Lessons in your home are available in some Cairns suburbs. This special service allows a pupil to practice immediately before and after the lesson - the two most important times for practice. The result is faster progress and no transport problems.

Dedicated Studio . . .

The studio at the top of Bayview Heights has sound enhancement and recording facilities, a Piano and Keyboards linked to a computer for use during lessons. There is a separate waiting room and I encourage parents to sit in on their children's lessons so they can give support during the week.

Skills . . . .

Although we learn music for music's sake, parents are increasingly aware of the growing body of research showing how music instruction can, among other things, help children develop their motor skill, build their self-confidence and increase oral and memory skills.

The skills learned in playing music can enhance many other areas, including mathematics. Studies show that music students generally achieve higher grades at school.

Adults find their enhanced learning skills an asset at work or play.

MIDI . . .

I teach MIDI and computer music skills including sequencing. Students can compose and record songs using Midi software and often bring their favourite songs in midi format to use as an accompaniment to their performance. I have taught 'Music Industry Skills' in local schools and my experience playing in professional bands has given me a wealth of knowledge in all areas of musicianship.

Music . . .

Music is an art and a craft that blends the physical with the spiritual in a uniquely satisfying way. This can be experienced from the very first lesson.

I limit the number of students I teach and this ensures that each pupil has my exclusive attention.

There's plenty of humour during the lesson and my techniques are finely tuned for efficient tuition to suit all ages and individuals.

As an example - although most musicians may remember the scales as a boring and repetitive part of music, my students are frequently heard pleading with me to let them play their scale -

"Just one more time "


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